West-Mehrer Therapy

New Clients

I am not accepting new clients at this time. I will return to the office in Spring 2020 and will begin accepting new clients at this time. Please contact any of the following providers for services: http://www.kathryndebruin.com


Individual Therapy




Individual therapy is a great place for one to address goals and achieve growth. These sessions are offered for those ages 12 and older. For children ages 11 and younger, play therapy is often recommended. Each session will last 50 minutes.


Play Therapy




"Birds fly, fish swim, and children play" - Gary Landreth

I believe that play is the most effective way for children to communicate. Play is a wonderful medium for children to express themselves and make sense of what is happening around them. Each session will last 30-50 minutes.  


Family Therapy




"That which is created in a relationship can be

fixed in a relationship" - Murray Bowen

Family therapy can look different based on each individual and family's needs. Each session will last 50-90 minutes.